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Meet the Sword of Joy Academy Team

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Our team

Meet our team

Tina Joy Cochran
Founder - Your Coach
Tina Joy is an committed disciple of Jesus, experienced business coach, organizational development consultant and small business owner.

As your coach, Tina brings a depth of experience and a heart for your success.  Her gift for organization and strategy helps clients discover unique solutions to help them get unstuck and build businesses they love.
She is a published author, with MA degree in Human Resource Development and BA degree in Finance. She is also the founder of 501c3 non-profit organization. 

As an author, she shares her personal journey with heart and sincerity. Her books, Coming Home to Joy and  30 Days To Joy inspire and encourage readers. 

 A gifted speaker, she offers her blend of heart, humor and enthusiasm to inspire believers to strive to choose the best for themselves, their business and their families 

A proud mother of three and grandmother of four she lives with her husband in Raytown, Missouri
Anthony Rodriguez
Operations Director
Anthony believes that "if you don't fight for what you want, you'll never get anything." 

He's a young man of strong conviction, faith and insight. 

His attention to detail, care for others and commitment to the truth help him to be an important part of the Sword of Joy Academy staff. 

Anthony serves our members as a mentor in out 12 Week Accountability program and provides customer service to keep our office running smoothly. 

Members can rely on him to take care of the details so they can focus on business growth. 

He is preparing for his career as a influencer and professional online gamer.  Anthony launched a Twitch channel "ArodRGC" in 2020

We are blessed to have him on the team.
Kate Catlin
Creative Director - Artist In Residence
On Top of the World

Kate Catlin has been an artist since birth and an entrepreneur since 6th grade, when she got sent to the principal for selling tiny neon fish-bobber earrings to her classmates. She never looked back and has since spent her life creating, learning, and seeking spiritually.

In 2019, she found what she was looking for and life since then has been a lot more interesting.    “I spent the first half of my life working hard and often struggling to figure out myself and the world. Now, instead of searching for myself, I’ve got the best friend anyone could have, and life is so good. I feel like I’m looking at the second half of my life from on top of the world. The view is amazing.”

Kate brings the fun! When she’s not creating art, you can find her hosting and producing online worship services, encouraging others, and dressing up like an extra from a Mad Max movie. Kate specializes in designing fun logos for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. S

he also creates Wasteland Streetwear™—upcycled everyday dystopian fashion, jewelry, and leather accessories inspired by Wasteland and Burning Man. You can find her work at https://3foldart.co .
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