My Goat is Mad at Me

Feb 10 / Tina Joy Cochran

NOTE: I wrote this post on my blog during the fall of 2012. The cold weather this week has me remembering and since I relauched my blog last week, I thought I’d share it with all of you. We no longer have goats or our ranch but I bet Merlin is still mad when he can’t be with his harem.

It’s fall and I have a VERY angry goat on my hands these days.

This is Merlin… he is the “daddy” for our fainting goat herd. Fall means breeding season to a fainting goat and with the cooler weather Merlin is ready, willing and able to do his job and “service” the lady goats.

BUT… it’s not time yet. Baby goats are born about 5 1/2 months from conception so it’s important that we don’t breed too early.

As the “shepherd” I need to make decisions that are best for the ranch as a whole. Not just for his pleasure and comfort. He doesn’t like it… not one bit! He doesn’t seem to understand why I won’t let him out of his corral so he can go “courting” with the 7 girls that are on the other side of the fence. He spends his days pacing around the corral, yelling at the top of his voice and when he see me he starts banging his head against the gate. Poor guy is just miserable… I feel sorry for him, I really do. A few more weeks and it will be time and I know he will totally forget how miserable he is right now.

Why am I being “mean” to him?
 I’m trying to avoid a situation like this:

This is Bianca.. she was born in Feb during a blizzard. Breeding too early in the fall results in babies being born in the dead of winter.

So Merlin has to wait… and because he waits, his babies have a better chance of being born healthy, happy and safe.

He hates it… he’s miserable he wants what he wants NOW! He isn’t interested in what I know about the future, just wants to take care of his discomfort NOW! So he complains, he paces, he yells, he bangs his head….

As I watched him this weekend I thought about us, how like him we are when our heavenly “shepherd” makes us wait. We complain, we pace, we yell… I’ve even been know to bang my head a time or two. Why is he so mean to us?

The truth is, he loves us, he knows more about the future than we do. He knows how our actions will affect the world, not only for us but for our children. How much grief would we save ourselves if we just stayed put within the fence he has created for us and trusted his plan?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. — Jeremiah 29:10

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