Not Forgotten...

Feb 1 / Tina Joy Cochran

Do you ever feel totally alone?  That not only people, but the world itself, has forgotten you exist?

Today I want to take a moment to talk with you.  I have a message… you have NOT been forgotten.  You are NOT alone.  God is right beside you at this very moment, he has not forgotten the amazing person he made in you.  Please take a minute, stop reading, close your eyes and feel it… feel his love embracing you, holding you close and stroking your hair.  ….. Breath…… breath…….

I have a confession, this world overwhelms me.  Most of the time I feel tiny and insignificant, that nothing I say, think or do matters in the vast sea of pain, destruction and evil that appears to rule this world.  It hurts…… I know that someone reading this understands exactly what I mean.

With all the recent unbelievable, unbearable things happening around us how can we NOT feel like we are alone and forgotten, especially by God who is supposed to be in charge and in control of this world.

I think that may be the heart of the matter… control……

We fool ourselves to think that we can control the uncontrollable.  We can’t.  No amount of laws, preparations, weapons or picking the right leaders will really control this world.  I know it sounds scary but it’s true.

But here’s the cool part… there is one thing we CAN control.  Ourselves… when God designed this world he gave us a gift of free will.  That means we get to choose. We get to choose for ourselves our final outcome.

You See… the end of the world is already done.  God has already won and evil is banished.  The things that we see now are small pieces of the bigger picture. One we have no control over. What we do have control over is which team we are going to play on.

Believe me.. that choice is not tiny or insignificant…. it matters and so do you.

God has not forgotten you, he loves you and he’s asking for you to choose him. Trust me, he won’t let you down… he designed you and knows EVERYTHING about you.  He also knows exactly what you can, and can’t handle.  It’s dark and scary in this world, why are you searching frantically trying to figure out how to control it?

Take today, right this minute and  say “yes”… stop fighting the arms that are reaching out for you and lean into a love that will never be used up or leave you.

I did and it has made all the difference.

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