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Meet with coach Tina Joy Cochran every week
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Meet with your coach every week

What if there was someone who was there every week just for you?  

What if you had someone who had "been there, done that" in your corner, challenging, cheering and guiding you? What if you finally learned to get out of your own way? What if you had a coach who worked with you EVERY WEEK?

When you sign up for a coaching membership with Tina Joy Cochran, that's exactly what you get! This membership gives you access to a private coaching session each week.  No strict agenda, no "cookie cutter" program, just an experience business owner, coach and consultant who is focused on YOUR success. 

How it works:

  • Enroll in a Private Coaching Membership
  • Set Up Your Weekly Coaching Schedule
  • Complete Motivation 101 Assessment
  • Attend Your Coaching Session (via Phone, Zoom or in Person) each week
  • Start breaking through old mindsets, reaching goals and growing like crazy!

Coaching Membership

What's Included with your Membership
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